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Why Choose Mailbiz Express For All Your Packing And Shipping Needs?

Service, convenience, value and experience are just a few of the reasons why our customers choose Mailbiz Express for all of their mail, packing and shipping needs. Our dynamic point-of-sale technology enables you to easily compare carriers (FedEx®, UPS®, DHL®), & Freight services and rates to make the best choices for your shipments.

So Many Services, One Easy Stop - that's Mailbiz Express

There's no need to manage multiple accounts, dedicate staff or inventory bulky shipping and packing materials. Mailbiz Express has everything you need to get your items packed and shipped to their destination and best of all, we're right there with you in the neighborhood. Our goal is to make
your life and business easier. So many services, one easy stop - that's Mailbiz Express.